Concussion Awareness Policy


 All Referees, Volunteer Coaches and Parents are strongly encouraged to take concussion training and to watch this Recognize to Recover video.

  1. Referees and Coaches will remove any player suspected of having suffered a concussion (“When in doubt, sit it out…”).  Such player cannot return to play, in either practice or a game, until they have been cleared to play via a written authorization by a medical professional.  See the attached cheat sheet for help in evaluating whether a concussion may have occurred.
  2. Referee and/or Coach must alert the DSL Safety Coordinator in writing of the player who was removed ASAP after the suspected concussion incident and include the following information in their email:
    1. Name of injured player as well as team name
    2. Date, time and location of incident
    3. Indication as to whether or not parent was present (and if not present, whether or not parent was notified)
  3. The DSL Safety Coordinator will send a Concussion Notification Form (“CNF”) to the parents’ email ASAP after being alerted of the incident and follow up with a phone call, informing the parents that the player will not be allowed to return to play until cleared by a medical professional.  Parents should sign CNF and return to Safety Coordinator.
  4. Parent will send written authorization from a medical professional to the DSL Safety Coordinator @  
  5. DSL Safety Coordinator to sign CNF to acknowledge clearance and alert Coach and Referee of player’s approval to Return to Play.  
  6. DSL Safety Coordinator to store both Concussion and Notification Form in DSL archive.

Important Concussion Awareness Info:

CDC Fact Sheet for Parents 

 US Youth Soccer Cheat Sheet for Evaluating Concussion (Coaches, Referees and Parents)